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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a traditional neighborhood development?

Traditional neighborhood development describes master planning principles that trace back to such great American towns as Alexandria, Va., and Charleston, S.C., to name two. Click here to view traditional neighborhood development principles. Successful modern-day prototypes include Seaside in Florida, Serenbe in Georgia and I’On in South Carolina. TND master plans integrate home, work, play, shopping and civic life into compact, walkable communities. Daleville Town Center is the first and only traditional neighborhood development in southwestern Virginia.

What will Daleville Town Center look like in 10 years?

Daleville Town Center will be comprised of 300 residences around the town center. There will be a total of 120 single-family homes. The rest will be town homes and apartment homes.

All will be connected by generous sidewalks and abundant green space. Residents will live within walking distance of the town center, offering a vibrant mix of shops, restaurants and offices. Town homes and apartment homes will be located closest to town, with the larger single-family homes defining the community edges.

What amenities will Daleville Town Center offer?

Daleville Town Center amenities are designed to encourage exploration and interaction. They will include such neighborhood features as:

  • A town center with shops, restaurants and a seasonal farmers market;
  • A Lewis-Gale medical facility;
  • Abundant green space and an outdoor gathering place with a fire pit; 
  • A performing arts venue for special arts and leisure events; and
  • An outdoor swimming pool.
  • All will be within walking distance via pathways and sidewalks.

What type of businesses will be in the town center?

The first retailers are Williams Lighting Gallery and Willow Pod, a gift shop. Lewis-Gale Medical Center has opened a medical office building and imaging center. Emphasis also will be placed on recruiting eateries, boutiques and similar businesses, with an established history of success, to create a vibrant and unique shopping destination.

What is an EarthCraft House?

The EarthCraft House Program is a voluntary green building program that serves as a blueprint for healthy, comfortable homes that reduce utility bills and protect the environment. All Daleville Town Center homes will be certified at the EarthCraft House Gold level.

The EarthCraft House program was created in 1999 as a partnership between the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association and Southface Energy Institute. It became a statewide program in Virginia in 2005. EarthCraft Virginia is a partnership between Virginia Community Development Corp. and Southface Energy Institute. 

What features differentiate an EarthCraft Gold house?

The first home built in Daleville Town Center has the distinction of being the seventh EarthCraft Gold house in Virginia and the first in southwestern Virginia.

EarthCraft Virginia maintains the integrity of the program by conducting ongoing education and support, inspections and certification testing. The program has three levels. Level I (Certified) must achieve 150  points; Level II (Gold), 200 points; and Level III (Platinum), 230 points. Low-VOC products; state-of-the-art ventilation systems; and stronger, tighter building envelopes are essential for all levels. Click here for the EarthCraft House construction worksheet.

The Gold and Platinum levels are distinguished by products, such as windows and heating and cooling equipment, that achieve higher efficiency ratings, among other things. Final inspection involves a blower door test and duct blaster test, both of which measure tightness of the building envelope.

How does EarthCraft benefit the home buyer?

EarthCraft-certified homes offer a greater value to the home buyer. In addition to being more energy efficient, they are more comfortable and durable, and less costly to maintain. Their efficient design and the materials used conserve trees and other natural resources, while reducing landfill space. They have cleaner indoor air, making them healthier homes. Their high efficiency also produces less pollution outside. For  more information, visit the EarthCraft Virginia Web site at www.ecvirginia.org.

How customizable are the home choices?

Daleville Town Center will offer five architectural styles that are infinitely customizable. The styles are: four-square, colonial, farm house, cottage and European romantic.

What are the home prices in Daleville Town Center?

Custom-built single-family homes in Phase I start at $350k.

Will there be patio homes?

All the homes in Daleville Town Center will be designed for efficient first-floor living and easy access to the outdoors.

What are the size restrictions of homes?

There are no size restrictions on homes in Daleville Town Center.

What are the home design standards?

Cohesive design and well-crafted construction will be carefully guided by an architectural review board. A carefully researched, comprehensive architectural design book specifying architectural details in Daleville Town  Center is available.

What are the home builders owners association fees and what will they cover?

Yes, there is a monthly fee to cover front-yard landscape care, as well as the irrigation system in all the front yards. Homeowners have the option of total lawn care for an additional fee.

How many homes will be built?

There will be 120 single-family homes and up to 180 town homes and apartments.

When will the community be completed?

Build out will be in eight to 10 years.

Will Fralin & Waldron Inc. be the only builder in Daleville Town Center?

In Phase 1, yes. For future phases, two other builders have been approved by the Architectural Review Board.