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European Romantic

The European Romantic style is based directly on the Elizabethan style (named for structures built during the rein of Queen Elizabeth from 1558-1603), borrowing elements from English cottages, manor houses, and vernacular village forms.

Essential Elements

  • Steeply pitched roofs with multiple dormers and shallow eaves
  • Eaves often do not align from one major form to another and often are extended asymmetrical toward the ground, visually reducing the overall height and scale of the building while appearing to be more integral with the landscape.
  • Irregular placement of windows in a broad expanse of wall
  • Vertically proportioned windows in groups, with a few small accent windows
  • Prominent chimneys, often integrated into a wall mass
  • Understated front entry
  • Open air front verandas

Ivy Place





Ivy Place
Click here for the First Floor Plan (PDF)
Click here for the Second Floor Plan (PDF)